General Lead Viralbot and Upgrades
Loot drop of Alien Generals is not completely random. Some phats,
such as Lead Viralbot and Weapon Upgrades can only drop from
spesific generals. Here is what I have learned so far:







Unknow which Generals drop:
It does seem likely that 13 and 880 drops from Ilari'Khaz and Cha'Khaz tho,
since they are the only 2 generals that only have one weapon type
 drop recorded to their name.

Other types of alien general phats drop afaik from all the generals:

 Kyr'Ozch Viralbot, Targeting Scopes, Viral Complier, Communications Relays etc etc.

Please note : the above breakdown only applies to Alien Generals.
I have not been able to verify if the same system applies to Alien Admirals,
but it seems likely there is some sort of system for Admirals as well.

If you have further info on confirmed drops from each type of Alien General and Admiral,
 please mail me and I will keep this post updated.
Information Supplied by Zura RK1
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