Alien Armor QL Calculator

QL of Armour you want to make-
Bio-Material QL- Second Bio-Material QL-
Kyr 'Ozch Viralbots QL- Second Kyr 'Ozch Viralbots QL-
Lead Viralbots QL- Second Lead Viralbots QL-

Viralbot Calculator

QL of the Viralbot-

Highest QL Armor this will make-

Conductor Calculator

QL of Conductor you would like-

Conductor Program QL-
HSR Compressed Regenerating Bioplate QL-
Guardian Conductor Building QL-
Cloud of Polychromatic Nanobots QL-

Carbonum Armour Calculator

QL of Carbonum you want to wear-

Stamina you will need-
Agility you will need-
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